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Jeff Carbine

About Me

With me as a member of your team you will get effective user experience designs that help drive the goals of your site or app. You will get modern designs that will ensure your product is visually competitive in its respective market. You will get honest work that is owned, good and bad, all the way from start to finish.


Utah Valley University

BS - Web Design & Development // 2013 - 2016

I began my studies at UVU with intentions of studying graphic design. However, I ended up going into digital media and fell in love with web design.

I graduated with an emphasis in Web and App Development in spring of 2016.

Salt Lake Community College

Associates of Science // 2009 - 2013

Graduated with my generals completed so I could move on and focus on a career path without distractions.


FPS Gold

UX Designer // 2015 - Present

As a UX designer for FPS Gold, I am responsible for the look, feel and experience for the websites, web apps and mobile apps of over fifty community banks all across the United States and Samoa.

My work consists primarily of HTML, CSS and JS in an ASP.NET environment. As part of a design team I collaborate on designs via whiteboard, Slack chats and prototyping.

Not only has this job allowed me to become a better UX designer, but it has also allowed me to become a better team worker and better with client communication.


Owner // 2016 - Present

I have freelanced since before I got my degree, but I formed my own business to handle all of those designs once they started adding up.

I have a diverse collection of current and previous clients ranging from Porche 911 restoration parts to children's clothing and a couple of dentists.

Having my own small side business has helped me to appreciate all the work that goes into running a business, importance of having good plans and how to own all my work and take responsibility for everything - the good and the bad.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Graphic Designer // 2014 - 2015

I started working for the LDS church as a front-end developer, but quickly after I was hired I was acquired by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's social media and web team.

Working for the Choir was a great time, and I got the opportunity for the first time in my life to make design decisions and see my designs used in newspapers, apps and even the announcement screens in the LDS Conference Center.

While I didn't do much web development outside of their proprietary WYSIWYG editor, the year I spend with the choir helped me to focus on design and the importance of good design principles.

Also, as a perk, I got to meet some of the guest artists that performed in their Christmas concert, which was also pretty great.

Business Promotion

Tech-Support Designer // 2013 - 2014

Business Promotion was the first job I had in web development. I was hired as a tech support agent. I was responsible for fielding customer calls and making small cosmetic changes to the Wordpress sites that our company built and sold.

While at Business Promotion I learned a lot of the skills that moved me forward in my career, primary scripting. I was paired with a coworker and tasked with creating an API to connect our software with a third party who had no web API. It took a lot of creative thinking to build the API and when we finished the project, I felt extremely proud of what we had accomplished.















Prime Alliance

eBanking Marketing Site

I created this site at FPS Gold for one of our clients. I was extremely happy to work on this site becuase this bank had a strong focus on their online presence. So this site was built around the idea of users opening accounts online from literally any page.

The design and experience of this site is geared to help point users towards the accounts the bank offers online and provide them with many opportunities to open an account. The design is modern and I am very pleased wiht how it turned out.

Tailor Cooperative

Website & App

Tailor Cooperative makes custom suits out of their shop on Pierpoint Avenue in Salt Lake City. The shop and the team all have a really great feel and asthetic, and we wanted to get that conveyed well through the site and the site's design.

The biggest struggle they had was with their site. It was so slow that it was costing them spots on Google and thus, potential conversions.

So, I rebuilt the entire site. We designed a new custom theme for them and built it to avoid render-blocking styles and Javascript, permitted above-the-fold content to render first, and so on. This dramatically improved the load time of their site, and as a result, more business.

Additionally, they needed a custom web app to communicate between their manufacturer, their website and their client software. We are creating a robust web app that will handle all client orders and automate the process of allowing the client to track their custom garments as they are manufactured and shipped.

Wren & James

Website & Grapic Design

Wren & James is an online childrens clothier based out of Salt Lake City. I've been working with them for the last year and a half. Apart from pop-up shops, the entire operation is based in social media and their website. As a result, not only have I done web design, but also social media graphics, newsletters, motion graphics and animated GIFs for advertising.

Their site is built on Shopify and working with them has allowed me to think of web design a little more abstractly since they use their own system for generating HTML and CSS. It's been a great experience.

Adventure Dental

Custom Website

Adventure Dental is my pediatric dentist from when I was a kid. They had a terrible website for so long, and it didn't match the asthetic nor the feel of their office. It's bright and colorful and fun and mideival themed, and their site was bland and boring. So they wanted a facelift.

Their new site allowed them to convey the feel of their pediatric dental office for what it is, and they have experienced positive results from their site and have had an increate in site traffic and conversions from their site.

Provo Bakery

Custom Scripting

Provo Bakery often receives orders for dates that they cannot be fullfilled. This was often a frustrating point for both the bakery and the customers during extended holiday seasons, especially in December.

We created custom logic to help deter customers from requesting these pick up dates. By checking the day the order is placed against a database of dates that the bakery is closed, we alert users on the website if we feel they might request pick-up on one of those such dates.

This small change alieviated a major headache for the bakery and helped ensure that customers are not let down by placing an order on a day that they are closed.

Smiles Design Dentistry

Custom Website

Smiles was looking for a site that they would be able to maintain themselves. They wanted patients to be able to refer their friends, offer promotions online and field patient questions. Those were the focal points when we redesigned their old website.

Post-launch they have successfully been able to maintain the site (it is built on Wordpress), update their patients on their promotions and they've received appointments and questions through the site. With the site's redesign, they were able to accomplish all of the goals they had with their new site.

Personal life and hobbies

I met my wife while in México and we were married in June of 2014. Last year our daughter was born, and she is so much fun. My family travels down to México at least twice a year to visit family and travel.

I'm a big fan of science fiction movies, books, TV shows and video games. I'm a Nintendo kid - the Gameboy I had as a kid is probably what sparked my interest in technology and domino-effect-ed me into the career I have now.

I'm a musician and have played in bands since I was 15 years old. I started on the guitar, but I moved to the drums and that's what I've played in almost every band I've been in. I've played all sorts of music from punk rock to reggae to folk and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

I love trivia; I'm constantly reading, listening to or watching something that's giving me useless trivia facts about pop culture, history, science - you name it. I'm constantly analyzing everything and looking for the design in everything (often to the chagrin of my wife who just wants me to be quiet) and enjoy taking the designs I see around me and bringing them into the work I do.